Justin Bechtold grew up in Orange County, California. Tustin to be exact. "Justin from Tustin" - as friends would so punctually introduce him.


His childhood consisted of expectations that someday his elaborate playtime directorial debuts (that starred his own Lego creations) and his poorly stapled, homemade comic books would be put on the silver screen, aired on television, or realized in books for all the world to appreciate. But the support and applause of his parents would have to suffice.


A love for art and entertainment took him on a journey to receiving a BFA in Illustration at Laguna College of Art and Design, solidifying his passion - to share, create and experience stories.


Currently, Justin spends his time connecting with the art community, working on freelance projects and building up his portfolio. Yes, some of his friends still introduce him as “Justin from Tustin,” but he hopes for the day that someone may introduce him as “Justin from (insert your company name here).” Note: may be subject to rhyme.


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